the Passive Income Rebel Collective

Create unforgettable experiences for your students and customers without the tech headaches

Passive Income Rebel Collective

About this Collective

I created this super cozy, distraction-free place for all you little troublemakers who want to create streams of passive income, positively impact lives, craft unforgettable experiences for your students and customers and want to do so without any tech headaches and more importantly - want to do so on your own terms.

It's also free AF.

What's in it for you?

- you can meet other awesome people like yourself without needing to join another FB group

- you can pick up some bits and pieces about creating and launching a passive income product

- you can participate in regular planning parties

- you can take a peek behind the scenes of Code & Glitter and see what magical epicness the elves are working on

This is not for you if...

- you just want to spam us

- you are not interested in passive income, launching, the tech side of your business, strategy, planning, organization or self-care


Join us - I can't wait to meet you :)

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